One of the most frustrating process for government employees and their IT counterparts is the onboarding, offboarding, and transfer process. Setting up emails, ordering computers, ensuring system access is in place, and even making sure a cubicle is available presents multiple challenges due to the many variations of roles and high turn over rate and seasonal employment. Through a strong partnership with RiverAA, we provided a tailored made Robotic Process Automation solution (RPA) leveraging Riverflow, an RPA platform specifically developed for government needs. Riverflow can be deployed on desktop, cloud, or a hybrid of both, works within existing security policies, and most importantly works with the unique solutions (ETI etc.) that are pervasive across government.

At ISED, Riverflow is deployed to automate the employee onboarding process, where over 95% of employee onboarding will be fully automated. The process takes 50% less time to execute, and most importantly does not require a person to do it! Instead, the precious time spent turning on and off accounts can now be utilized for value added projects. End users are happy because SLA's are now satisfied, while IT service desk is happy because let’s face it, no one gets a degree in computer engineering so they can set-up emails!